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iKap Selected as GRIT Tournament Photography Team


The PASS FC and SCOR-Meulensteen Soccer Clubs are partnering again to host a northern Grand Rapids-area soccer tournament to be held Memorial Day weekend each year. IKap has joined the team as the tournament exclusive photography team. We will offer game action photos, team photos and special composite individual photos that you can order right from your phone.  Click Here for Tournament information.

To GRIT tournament was exciting to shoot. The IKap team took hundreds of photos both action and teams. To see the action photos click here. To see the team photos click here.

The Cost Associated With Participating In Youth Sports

I often discuss with other parents the cost of our kids participating in various sports.  We all have our reasons, health & fitness, keep kids out of trouble, learning teamwork, etc.  but the costs of participation is increasing.  My daughter plays four (4) different sports and I might as well be paying college tuition…okay, maybe not that much.  I decided to do some research and came across several articles.  Over the next month I will post links to these articles to generate discussion.  What are your thoughts on the costs associated with the youth participation in organized team or individual sports?  Who is playing and why?  Is it a good thing or a waste of money and time?

Youth Sports Participation By the Numbers (Article from Active Kids)

 It only takes a quick look around the soccer fields, gyms and pools after school and on weekends to realize that youth sports are huge. But just how big is participation in the U.S.? Who’s playing and why? And more importantly, who’s not playing?  

With childhood obesity plaguing one in three American children, participation in youth sports is becoming an increasingly important tool for keeping kids healthy.

Big Numbers

In 2013, ESPN called youth sports “so big, no one really knows how big.” Project Play, a report by the Aspen Institute in 2016, stated that three out of four American households have at least one school-aged child participating in youth sports but that only translates to 56.6 percent of American children, despite all the proven benefits.

So, what about the other 43.4 percent?

Hint: It’s About Money

Across the board, more boys play youth sports than girls and suburban children play more than kids in an urban or rural setting. Location is the key to accessing fields and facilities, but the biggest predictor of participation is the parents’ income.

Only 27.5 percent of children from homes with incomes under $25,000 a year play sports compared to the 45.5 percent of kids from homes with incomes greater than $100,000 a year.

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US Youth Soccer National Championships Day 2 Recap — Soccer Wire

The 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships continued Wednesday, as teams competed in their second of three group stage games at the Toyota Soccer Center in Frisco, Texas.

Local Grand Rapids Team.  “17U Girls: Midwest United 00 Royal (MI) 4-0 Legends FC 00 Academy (CA-S)  Midwest United FC 00 Royal (MI) soared past Legends FC 00 Academy (CA-S), 4-0.   The first goal for Midwest United was netted by Avery Lockwood in the eighth minute. Midwest United’s Jennifer Blitchok struck again 11 minutes later with an assist from Khloe Hayes to double its lead. In the second half, Midwest United’s Danika Austin found the back of the net after the ball was loose in the box off of a corner kick. The fourth and final goal came in the 80h minute when Stephanie Currie crossed it into the box and Avery Lockwood notched it home.”

Source: US Youth Soccer National Championships Day 2 Recap — Soccer Wire

World Finals – Odyssey of the Mind

I had the privilege to attend the 2017 Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.  What an experience!  There were over 800 international teams representing over 20 countries.   Along with just a few of my photos as a visitor/cheerleader not an official photographer, I have included the OM website with their full story of the event.  A shout out to the Germany and Mexico teams I met along the way!



Source: World Finals – Odyssey of the Mind

Renegade Soccer Training- Improve Your Skills

I can across this ad on Facebook “Renegade Soccer Training” and wanted to share with my website viewers.

“Want a no guesswork workout that is going to increase the number of touches you get on the ball while improving your ball control and confidence in just a few minutes?

Fact is, soccer practice is not enough, you need more touches outside those 90 minutes.”

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